PK – Red shirts and red flags

THE Ombudsman’s report into the 2014 Victorian election campaign funding controversy is a damning indictment of politics in this state, and demonstrates yet again why many voters have lost faith and confidence in their elected representatives. On many levels, and with...

Sporty Joel heads for the big league

ANOTHER one of our little ducklings is flying out into the big, wide world. In the newsroom we have a collection of seniors (elderly) and now and again we get a youngster in on their first steps to journalism. In my 10 years at the Weekly quite a few have flown the...

In a spin over wheels

I HAVE been obsessing again. It’s a bit of a first-world problem but I have been overthinking wheels and tyres. The pressure is on, but it’s all due to the pressure being out of one of my tyres. I have a Golf, and the car came with four 17-inch alloys and a skinny...

Opinion: Steve Kendall, Bendigo Weekly chief of staff

DUCK season is on us again, and the various camps are gearing up for a battle royal. I suppose camp one is the duck shooters. They are licensed shooters, have passed special duck recognition courses, have spent large sums of money on the sport, and perhaps most...

PK – Politicians missing the mark

HOW low can they go is the question many Australians would have asked themselves in recent weeks as federal politicians stooped to new levels of nastiness, insults and disrespect, all in the name of politics. The disgraceful behaviour that has played out so publicly...

My shameful addiction

If only the contestants on Married at First Sight would listen to me. Last night I watched as Sarah and Telv’s so called marriage dissolved as inevitably as an icy pole left in the sun. At the start of this deliciously voyeuristic reality TV series, Sarah and Telv...

Window to the weather

THERE is nothing as bracing as fresh air. On a windy day the experience is enhanced when you get two for the price of one. One person close to home has really become a fan. The long-suffering Mrs Kendall has taken to flinging open all of the doors and windows at any...

Opinion: Margaret O’Rourke, City of Greater Bendigo mayor

  The old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has never been more true. I recently visited the Eaglehawk Recycle Shop. It’s been a while since I was there last but it is quite the treasure trove – furniture, old doors and windows, bikes, crockery,...

Opinion: Ted Coleman

Is council freewheeling? It placed council’s part of a 76-kilometre Heathcote to Wallan O’Keefe Rail Trail extension on its government investment wish-list. No assessment of the existing $6 million Bendigo to Heathcote Trail, no feasibility study analysed, no...

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