PK: A proud tradition continues

TWENTY-ONE years ago this week, a small but dedicated group of people started a revolution here in Bendigo that continues to serve the people of this great city. The very first Bendigo Weekly, known then as Bendigo Homes and Property, rolled off the presses in the...

Opinion: Lisa Chesters, federal member for Bendigo

I think it’s fair to say that the last few months of federal parliament has been dominated by tax debates. Both Labor and the Liberal parties have put forward their alternative tax plans, but what does this mean for you, your family and Bendigo workers? For people who...

Opinion: Steve Kendall, Bendigo Weekly chief of staff

YESTERDAY a photo emerged of an Australian military vehicle flying a swastika flag. The design was the national flag of Germany from 1933 to 1945 but has come to mean so much more. In those 12 years, German chancellor Adolf Hitler brought into action a lot of his...

Opinion: Margaret O’Rourke, City of Greater Bendigo mayor

Decisions that come to the council table can be difficult for a wide range of reasons. Planning matters can be particularly challenging, but a councillor’s role is to make the best decision with the information available to them and under the Act they must make...

Weekly wandering with Steve Kendall

I KNEW it was only a matter of time, but the surgeons scalpel is about to catch up with me. No, I am not talking about the long-suffering Mrs Kendall finally cracking, it’s a cutter from Melbourne. Last Friday I was panicking about a newly-discovered lump in my groin,...

PK: Ride away from danger

Like thousands of other local residents, I enjoy riding my bike on the roads that criss-cross our region, but I must also admit, don’t ride anywhere near as much as a lot of others. As cyclists, we can choose to ride on the road in any direction from our great city –...

Opinion: Steve Kendall, Bendigo Weekly chief of staff

SATURDAY will provide some bingeworthy televison for some. Meghan Markle and Harry will be married. It’s like a televison show we’d watch on Netflix. Fantasy world, where nothing seems real, money no object. It will be a production to behold. Now I was born and raised...



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