A better bike city

CONGRATULATIONS Bendigo, on becoming the first community in Australia to become a Bicycle Friendly Community, accredited by CycleLifeHQ. This week’s silver accreditation recognises the hard work that has gone into raising the profile of cycling in our city, not just...

5G may fill NBN void

THE National Broadband Network was always destined to be a political football from the moment it was first envisaged and the first commitment made. The bigger the dream, the more likely the kicking. It’s the way Australian politics has evolved, and the spirit of...

Safety first please

For all the controversy surrounding the continuing installation of wire barriers along the Calder Freeway, there’s one thing none of us can argue with.
Safety comes first, and it always should.

High hopes for city

THE Bendigo push to have Qantas establish a multi-million-dollar pilot training school at the Bendigo airport is an opportunity too good to ignore. This is an opportunity Bendigo needs to grab with both hands. More than $15 million of taxpayers’ funds has been spent...

A community call

There’s one paragraph in the City of Greater Bendigo agenda report considered by councillors at Wednesday’s meeting that pretty much says it all. “Staff have met with Golden Square Swimming Pool Inc. on a number of occasions to discuss their desire to continue...

Here we go again

THE self-professed “peoples’ pool” at Golden Square is once again staring down the barrel at potential closure, an instance that should come as no surprise to anyone. The community has done a remarkable job in the past five years to resurrect the Golden Square pool...

Mall’s time is now

BENDIGO’S central business district has become a focal point once again, as the ongoing search for ways to revitalise and kick start the heart of the city comes to a head once more. But before anyone embarks on another rapid excursion into negativity, we must...

Wasting away

CHINA’S decision to impose a ban on the importation of recyclable materials from other countries, including Australia, is expected to have widespread ramifications for the domestic industry, the local government sector and even at the household level. Unless a...

It’s a special day to reflect

THE debate as to when Australians should celebrate their national day – Australia Day, continues to gather momentum and remains a major talking point each year in the lead up to the day Australians currently choose – January 26. Australians have a lot to celebrate and...

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