A long holiday

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 22-Aug-2013

Long Holiday
Three piece post-grunge Melbourne outfit Long Holiday have just launched their debut album ...Greetings From in their hometown and are excited to be hitting the stages of The Bridge Hotel Castlemaine on Saturday.
Heavily influenced by the 1990s grunge sound of Nirvana, Long Holiday have their own modern interpretation of these sounds adopting their own special take on it all.
The band’s energetic sound is a combination of hard-hitting snarling vocals plus extra-crunchy riff’n’roll axe-work from front woman/guitarist Gina Wessel, heavy, droney/sludgey bass work of Andie Fitzpatrick alongside pounding drum beats going off in so many directions it would send a compass crazy by highly technical drummer Marc Russo.
The infectious spirit in which the three members deliver the music is definitely a highlight of their live show – you can tell they really enjoy crafting songs and playing together.
The three meld into one fabulously morphed grunge beast delivering some hard and heavy rock. Watching them perform is testament to the fact they don’t take it all too seriously.
Make sure you catch Long Holiday perform their heavy-laden punk fuzz, as they play songs off their debut CD …Greetings From at The Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine on Saturday. Entry is $10 and doors open 8.30pm.


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