A mixed bag

Steve Kendall | Bendigo Weekly | 18-Aug-2017


NOT one yarn bomber came to see me at the Bendigo Writers Festival. 

Despite my polite offer I was left high and dry.

Their work was there, but no bombers.

Anyway, I was busy at times so I may not have been able to say much.

The festival itself was a joy, and I got to interview journo Tony Jones and meet his partner, fellow journo Sarah Ferguson.

It’s a friendly and informing event, and I immersed myself in books and writers.

Though there was a lot of sitting down, it was a tiring weekend. 

Congratulations to all involved, and roll on festival 2018.

Back to the real world for me, and life with the lambs has calmed.

Goodness knows how many we have, everywhere you look there is a fluffy bundle of lameness.

It’s marking this weekend, so by Monday the lambs will have tags on their ears and they will have rubber rings on their tails, the tails will drop off eventually, and the male lambs have rubber rings on other parts of the body, which will also drop off.


It’s all part of the joys of raising sheep for sale.

It’s a bit of a brutal game all in all, and I am lucky to have a vet on hand to do all of the hard work, but to be honest, this year the ewes did a grand job on their own.

I now have a new hatred for crows, but a greater understanding of sheep production. You live and learn.

Have you followed the citizenship thing with the lollies?

It is now total farce, and once again the overpaid mob are squabbling about something instead of getting on with running the country for us.

It’s a joke, and on top of the ridiculous government opting for a postal survey on same sex marriage, it really makes me wonder if we need to clear them all out to start again.

They are paid to make the call, the marriage act is part of government business, but they throw it out to the general public with the added sting of us having to pay for it to the tune of $122 million. 

The survey is not even binding, the result could be thrown out, so why bother?

Of course, all of this could be academic as North Korea postures and the USA postures with their bombs.

It could all go terribly wrong, and the postal survey could be the least of our worries.

I’ll be back next week, all being well. 

Happy days. 

– Steve Kendall


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