A show of memories

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 02-Nov-2017


By Margaret O’Rourke
City of Greater Bendigo Mayor

I went to the Bendigo show on the weekend and it brought back great childhood memories. 

We went every year and it was a big event in our household that we all looked forward to. 

I won first prize a couple of times for my scones when I was in primary school. 

I remember how chuffed I was when the lovely Country Women’s Association ladies gave me my certificates. 

My brother also used to show pigeons. 

Of course, the show is quite a bit different today but it’s still so much fun and something younger generations look forward to. 

Like me, there were probably quite a few parents and grandparents there on the weekend reminiscing about their experiences of going to the show. 

It’s nice that some things never go out of fashion. I like the show’s focus on celebrating the agriculture industry and I particularly appreciate all the hard work the exhibitors go to. 

More than 605,000 people go through the Bendigo showgrounds each year. 

It’s an amazing statistic. Every Sunday there is a community market that attracts about 9000 people, while annual events like Groovin the Moo, the Australian Sheep and Wool Show, the Bendigo Swap Meet, and the Record, Comic and Toy Fair, also call the showgrounds home.  

Nearly every week there’s some form of event. 

The Bendigo Agricultural Show Society estimates it injects $74.8 million into the local economy as a result of all the events it holds. 

Some of the people who come to these events stay a night or two, others are day trippers but all are financially important and spend money in some way while they’re here. 

What’s most incredible is the hive of activity that is the Bendigo showgrounds is only five minutes from the centre of Bendigo. 

The showgrounds are developing a master plan for the site, which includes beautifying the landscaped areas and paving the roadways and footpaths to limit the amount of dust and mud on site. 

Additional shade sails and covered areas are also being considered, which will particularly enhance the experience for stallholders and weekly shoppers at the Sunday market. 

These works would take the showgrounds to the next level, further setting it up as a regional events centre. 

Over the weekend Regional Development Minister Jaala Pulford and the Member for Bendigo East and Minister for Public Transport and Major Projects Jacinta Allan were at the show, so it was a good opportunity for the show society committee of management to raise with them this vision for the site. 

When various levels of government work together it is the community that benefits. 

Council’s vision is for a liveable, prosperous greater Bendigo and further development of the Bendigo showgrounds would be another feather in our cap. 


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