Berlin Postmark: rock n roll reunion

Ben Cameron | Bendigo Weekly | 19-Apr-2012 4.25pm

Bendigo is the link between four musicians who have re-united after twenty years.

Bendigo remains the centre point for a group of musicians who have reunited for charity, after two decades apart.

Steve Saxton, Mik Weir, Paul Van Emmerik and Anthony Murphy played together in various Bendigo-based bands from 1989 to 1992, and in 2012, they’ve reunited, as the latest lineup of Berlin Postmark.

“It’s a dream come true,” Saxton says. 

“Best feeling to play with mates who all know and respect each other, a lot of water has gone under the bridge and a lot of amusing memories that have helped us reconnect very quickly.” 

Saxton, who first started playing guitar as a 17-year-old heavy metal fiend, met the rest of the boys at university in 1989.

“The first band I played in was with them,” he says. 

“Over three or four years we played together with different lead singers in different combinations playing covers and then more and more originals. 

“We played everything from friends’ uni parties to country cover gigs, entered and won uni battle of the band competitions, local and regional, supported Boom Crash Opera, The Screaming Jets. 

“(But) we went our separate ways after uni.”

Murphy said the reunion felt both familiar and strange, as the boys had taken their first steps as musos together.

“(It’s) quite bizarre to be playing together again after so many years,” he says.

“Our friendships and past musical history has made putting this together quite easy, no ‘getting to know you’ hassles in this band! Plus we’re all a lot better than we were in 1989.”

Weir’s participation came through doctors orders, rather than Saxton’s insistence.

 “I recently separated with my wife and we’ve sold our house - it was a very difficult time,” he says. 

“The doctor I was seeing advised me to find something I love doing and do it as much as possible, so when the invitation came from steve to fill in with his band i jumped at it. 

“The first rehearsal was a revelation.”

He said the reunion had been driven by Saxton.

“The poor guy has seemingly struggled for years to find a band he is satisfied with,” he laughs.

“He has always wanted to get the old band back together... I believe he dragged Paul out of retirement, Murph out of his bedroom and me back from the covers scene.”

Berlin Postmark play the Relay For Life charity gig with the Bendigo Bank All Stars at the Golden Vine on Saturday, April 21 and plan to record in May.


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