Branching out with Oak

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 26-Oct-2017


With a four-week deadline and an idea in the back of her mind, Kimberly Furness created something quite spectacular. 

Mrs Furness always had a passion for writing and sharing other peoples stories, which led her to create her first issue of Oak Magazine. 

“I’m just so happy with the idea that you can just switch offline and grab a magazine, I really love it,” Mrs Furness said. 

After presenting at a conference the idea for a magazine sprung to mind when Mrs Furness saw a goodie bag she thought a magazine would be perfect in.

Oak Magazine showcases women in business in regional and rural Victoria and highlights the important work they’re doing in the community.

“I was very much influenced by what other people wanted to read and what they would want to see from the magazine,” Mrs Furness said.

“I want people that feature in the magazine to be able to share their wisdom to other women in business, I think that’s really important.” 

Coming from a business and writing background herself, it was important for Mrs Furness to create something that truly represented the hard work women were putting into their businesses. 

She went with the name Oak as mythology suggests it’s revered as a storehouse of great wisdom. 

“The stories you’ll read in these pages are remarkable and really represent driven women,” Mrs Furness said. 

With most of the writing work produced by Mrs Furness, she commends the support of her photographer, graphic designer and proof reader who have all helped to produce the work in the magazine to a high standard.

“It is really important to have people around you that can provide that look in and support for the work you’re doing,” she said. 

The magazine displays a wide range of women in different industries from real estate to beauty and fashion. 

“There is such a wide representation of women throughout the magazine, that’s the beauty of Oak,” Mrs Furness said.

 – Grace Evans


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