Brothers in cycling

Eddie Barkla | Bendigo Weekly | 09-Mar-2012

FAMILY VALUES: Sam and Max Williams are showing talent in their chosen sport.
The Bendigo and District Cycling Club has many family names that created pillars within the club with just as many names that helped create a tapestry of character and colour.
Many of these were brothers in arms and the following list is certainly not exhaustive.
Frank, Harry and Tony McCaig followed by Rik and Brett (sons of Frank), Rohan and Tyson (sons of Harry).
The Floods of Tony, Peter, and another era of Rick and John.
Maurie and Rick Kennedy, Philip and Tom Sawyer, Shane and Snow Landy, the Casey boys Mark, Darren, Peter and Dennis, the Fahys John and Danny, the Hardings Ross and Laurie and Tony, Peter and Noel Hughes.
The Dean family Merv and Gary, sons of Merv Cameron and twins Trenton and Courtney, not forgetting Paul, Noel and Peter Sens.
In later days Andrew, Ben, Anthony and Nicholas Rixand Shaun, Ryan and Kieran Pontelandolfo.
Jarrod and Nick Moroni, the twins of Brenton and Clinton Slotegraaf, Damien and Peter Ladd and Tim and Robbie Hucker.
The above is a great view of the past and present.
Looking to the future, Mark and Simone Williams’ eldest son Sam watched the Tour De France with a passion, at an early age. He had Knowledge and insight well above his years, coupled with frequent visits to the Tom Flood cycling track and the Tour Down Under to watch all the action.
At the age of four Sam started competing at the local BMX track and at year’s end will have almost one-and-a- half years of racing under his belt. He is learning quickly about competition.
At this stage Sam has not missed a club event and has ably represented himself at most Victorian Open competitions including the 2011 BMX State Championships and will do so again this year.
Recently Sam competed at the Wyndham Open competition where he finished just a few seconds adrift from older and stronger developed participants.
Not deterred Sam is focused on bigger things to come and is just learning the ropes, knowing that one day he will get his certificate of competency as he hopes to join the J Cycle track program later this year to race track and road. More amazing is his little brother Max who is even more advanced on the bike than Sam was at the same age.
Max turned three at Christmas and on February 24 he had his first race meeting at the Bendigo track.
Just two days later Max then raced at the Wyndham BMX Open event in Werribee completing all four races.
Max had been entered in the under-five category but as he was the only entry was put up into the five year old group where he fared well, all things considered.
He was just as fast down the ramp but with his little legs he usually finished second or third last out of seven riders.
The commentator got excited when Max was attacking riders in the berm.
As Sam’s father Mark said, it really is amazing to see a three year old stand up and sprint around a berm.
Sam has said that one day it will be the Williams brothers in the Tour de France.
Looking forward to seeing you on the road soon, God willing.


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