Colour for health

Laura Hurley | Bendigo Weekly | 21-Aug-2015

COLOURFUL: Jacinta Allan, John Mulder and Bob Cameron

The new Bendigo hospital will boast a colour palette inspired by different regions in the Loddon Mallee.

Unveiled last Friday, different levels and wards within the hospital will feature colour schemes inspired from the ten local government areas within the district.

Bendigo Hospital board chair Bob Cameron said they had chosen the colour palette so that the community could feel a sense of ownership over the new hospital.

“Across Loddon Mallee you have different hospitals… and local people go to the hospitals – there are some thing those hospitals can’t do and so those people from the region will come to Bendigo Hospital,” Mr Cameron said.

“So we want the whole of the region to feel an ownership in the hospital.

“The designers have taken colours from the different local government areas and named them in the new hospital.”

State member for Bendigo East Jacinta Allan said the colour palette was chosen to improve patient experience.

“From a patient point of view… it’s giving the region a sense that this is their hospital and that communities can see the landscape reflected back to them,” Ms Allan said.

“The other point from the patient point of view is to not make it feel so much like a hospital.

“Hospital rooms aren’t just boxes anymore, boxes with white walls.

“If (patients) feel better about being there, then that improves their health and wellbeing.”

Bendigo Health chief executive John Mulder said the colours had been taken from satellite images taken from across the greater Bendigo area, and named an example in purples taken from Lake Eppalock.

“What they did with the colours is they have satellite images of the Loddon Mallee, and they’ve taken some of those colours from particular areas and that’s what’s been incorporated,” Mr Mulder said.

“You’ll see some murals as well which are direct photographs from the regions which tie into the colours.”

Mr Mulder reiterated the importance in the colour palette to improving patient experience in the hospital.

“We had eight boxes we wanted to tick to build a world class hospital and one of them was to build a tranquil environment,” he said.


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