Culture at kindy

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 27-Sep-2017


To celebrate the many different varieties of cultures, and values, shared by the families at the South Bendigo Kindergarten, the children attending have been discussing indigenous

The kindergarten has been working on a beautiful mural featuring hand prints, family flags and the students’ own drawings of their families and homes using indigenous art and symbology. 

The mural, with its large puzzle pieces, symbolises that we are all different, however, as a community we come together to educate future generations to be lifelong learners.

The artwork will never be officially complete, with plans to build on it over the years as new educators, children and families become part of the South Bendigo Kindergarten family.

The project has been created by the entire kindergarten community along with local indigenous artist, David, and support from Bettina Bysouth. 

The artwork was launched last week at the kindergarten in Somerville Street with the support of our mayor Margaret O’Rourke and Eppalock Ward councillors George Flack and Yvonne Wrigglesworth.


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