End near for works

Sharon Kemp | Bendigo Weekly | 05-Jan-2018


AFTER nearly two years of traffic disruptions during construction of the $86 million Ravenswood Interchange, VicRoads has promised there will be no more major traffic changes before the roads and ramps are fully open to traffic this year.

In August the project was pushed over the scheduled completion date when contractors working on the site “encountered unexpected site and ground conditions” according to VicRoads.

When the project was started in April 2016, the completion date was set at late 2017.

But despite going over time, VicRoads insists the project is on budget.

“We are working hard to have the Calder Highway Southbound and full circulator open by early 2018,” project director Susana Fueyo Suarez said yesterday.<

“The new northbound Calder Highway entry ramp and carriageway have been open since mid-December.

“The Calder Alternative Highway Melbourne-bound and the Calder Alternative Highway entry and exit ramps are also open.

“The Ravenswood Interchange is nearing completion.”

While major works will be complete by early 2018, minor site works are expected to continue until the middle of 2018.

What remains to be done is pavement on the Calder Highway and some entry and exit ramps, as well as landscaping and clean up works.

Funding was committed to the project, which is the intersection of the Calder and the Calder Alternative highways, after a number of fatalities at the location.

The federal government committed $45m and the state government $41m.

The idea was to prevent drivers having to stop, find a gap and take risks as they joined fast moving traffic on the Bendigo to Melbourne road.

The upgrade was made more urgent by the prediction that freight transport would double on Victorian roads by 2025.


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