Goodwill the key

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 20-Dec-2017


Goodwill on earth and peace to all mankind, go the words of the Christmas carol. Let’s second that and make an amendment, goodwill to everybody – men and women.

While based on the Christian celebration of the birth of Christ, Christmas is also the celebration of the end of the year for everyone.

In many ways it is the nucleus of the humdrum of our working lives.

It’s time to put down tools, put up feet, feast on turkeys, chickens, beef, lobster and oysters. 

Drink champagne, beer and wine. Talk about loved ones past and present. Give presents. Take photos. Tell bad jokes, watch the cricket. Sing out of tune. Sleep in the afternoon. 

Go for a swim, get sunburnt and sand in your bathers.

In the lead up to Christmas, the atmosphere in the workplace also changes. If the pressure is increasing you know it will soon be all over. Moods lift and anxiety takes on a blend of hysteria and bonhomie. 

Get this last job done, the last order filled, the contract signed and it’s off to the pub to celebrate. 

Girls wear pretty red dresses, boys Hawaiian shirts, balloons are burst, home truths told. No, hold the home truths.   

There’s no doubt there is financial pressure at Christmas time for many families. 

And while the media presents images of happy children drowning in a sea of gifts, let’s take a moment to think of the families who are stretched to pay the rent, forget about the turkey.

For these families I would recommend creating your own Christmas zone. Pull up the draw bridge, shut the doors. Keep the world out. 

Make your gifts simple, hand made, a drawing, a letter of love. Make the meal a communal one, whether it be spag bol or three minute noodles.

Raise a glass of cheer (cordial or cask wine is just fine) to each other. 

Take in turns telling family and friends why you love them. 

Talk about the small victories, the problems nailed and hammered out. The goals for the next year, the next day, that day.

How the dishes can be shared, jobs allocated, how small acts of kindness keep us afloat.

Christmas, should come every day. We don’t need money for that. 

Goodwill and peace can be the basis of every family, rich or poor or those muddling along somewhere in between.      


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