Green Day: Uno!

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 21-Nov-2012 By TOM WINSPEAR

Twenty-three years and still going strong; Green Day truly is a band that has managed to survive the many ups and downs of the rock’n’roll world.

For album number nine, I’m sure plenty of people are wondering just what exactly they are going to do next that they haven’t already done to death?

Well in short they have turned against the critics (who were in high praise of their last two dramatic rock-opera styled concept albums) and more or less dished out what you would have expected to hear from them back in 1999.

In other words this album was created to be a no-pressure and just for fun musical exercise.

Does it succeed in returning them to their strongly favoured punk rock roots?

In some ways yes, and in other ways no, but it’s all mainly going to depend on how much attention you are/aren’t going to give to these songs.

Nuclear Family is the opening track on the album and is an effective balance between their signature catchy guitar riffs, and socially/politically charged lyrical content.

The next two songs follow a similar formula, but by song four, Let Yourself Go, they really start to show us the old punchy side of the band coming back out into the spotlight.

From here on in we are treated to some punk-funk Kill the DJ, bratty beats Troublemaker, and even a couple of sappy but solid love rock ballads.

All along with plenty of fast guitars, fun antics, and ridiculously catchy choruses that are bound to bring a smug smile to old and new Green Day fans alike.

At the end of the day, what you end up with on this album is a pretty solid compromise between the band’s older and newer sounds, along with some much overdue hints of steering the group in an enjoyable new direction.

If you did get over these guys at the turn of the decade, then why not give them a much deserved second (or third) chance today?

Green Day’s heroes such as The Who and the Rolling Stones are all going to have to hand over their classic rock statuses to some (slightly) younger blood one day! Best of luck fellas!

Uno! scores: 8/10 loud guitars.


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