Green light for art

Dianne Dempsey | Bendigo Weekly | 17-Apr-2015

NEW YORK LIFESTYLE: Denise Green has a new exhibition. Photo: andrew perryman
It’s a long way from Bendigo to New York, but artist Denise Green has achieved a fascinating symbiosis between aspects of the central Victorian landscape and the more abstract forms of art she has been developing in her New York studio.    

Her exhibition, Form and Subjectivity as Paradox, which is currently showing at the Visual Arts Centre uses a variety of media, including photography and collages.

Australia born, a major series in her exhibition is inspired by our common and or garden variety dams.

“I was travelling to Bendigo by train a few years ago and was struck by the how the dams riddle the countryside,” she said.

Consequently, Green commissioned an artist friend from Castlemaine, Elissa Sadgrove, to photograph dams for her. “My pre-requisite was that the dams reflect trees or clouds,” she said.

By placing the vertical poles of paper artwork over the photographs,  Green is encouraging us to explore the connection between the form and the more subjective elements of the works.

The imposed collages allow us to compare the colours and shapes of both mediums and in turn appreciate both the subject matter and our response to that subject matter.      

When her current exhibition showed in New York Green said that viewers were amazed by the quality of the light.

“They couldn’t believe it, but I told them that is the way it is in Australia.”

  Apart from the dam series, there are stunning, larger abstract pieces and three dimensional works in the exhibition which all play on the interaction between form and subjectivity and our emotional response to Green’s original vision.     

Form and Subjectivity as Paradox will be showing until May 31.


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