Griffin stays positive

Joel Peterson | Bendigo Weekly | 24-Nov-2017

Kelsey Griffin's recovery from surgery is continuing. Photo: Andrew Perryman.

KELSEY Griffin admits she’s a bad spectator.

Unfortunately for the Bendigo Spirit captain, it’s something she has to get used to.

Ruled out for the season after having surgery for the second time in a year, Griffin is trying to make an experience that no player wants to have into one that can have its own benefits.

Griffin’s surgery to repair a badly-torn labrum went well but she remains sidelined for the remaining six weeks of the regular season.

It appears to be a savage stretch for the Spirit, which is short-handed and on a four-game losing slide.

Betnijah Laney has also missed time with a knee injury and a concussion suffered last week, but the news of Griffin’s injury rocked the team.

Two weeks after the operation, she remains confident in her ability to return to the court before long.

“I had a third of my labrum torn, and the ligament that holds my pelvis and femur together was over 50 per cent torn,” she said.

“Now that it’s right, he believes my hip is quite stable and I won’t have the back pain or hamstring pain that was causing me the issues more than the hip.

“I’m not sure I could go through another hamstring surgery. That was the most painful thing I’ve had to rehab back from. I’m now pretty confident it will be the last surgery I have to have for a fair while.”

Where it gets strange is that Griffin had not suffered the injury this season.

She believes it happened nearly two years ago, when she slipped on a sticker during a game in Dandenong.

She thought she damaged her left hamstring and had surgery on it after the season, but it was her right hip causing the grief.

“It was getting my left leg finally right that I realised what was going on with my right leg,” she said.

“When we look at the whole picture of the fall and the mechanics of it and the damage to my left side, it’s not surprising that the damage is now showing up in my right hip.”

Griffin has estimated her timeline for recovery will be somewhere in the vicinity of three months.

In the meantime she will rehab her injury and continue to provide support to her teammates and watch the game from a different angle.

“I’m probably one of those players that just plays as hard as possible, but it does make me think a bit more tactically and hopefully that translates to playing as well as coaching,” Griffin said.

The Spirit are unsurprisingly struggling without their star, losing their past four games by an average of close to 25 points.

After starting the year on fire offensively but struggling on defence, Bendigo is now flat out on both ends trying to simply keep up and making few inroads into opposition sides.

The Spirit are 2-9, last on the table, and conceding more points per game than any other side.

Yet Griffin can see positives in the bigger picture.

“Every year I’ve been here I’ve played with such great people. It’s not a challenge keeping them positive,” she said.

“For players like Gabe and I, who are closer to the end of our careers, seeing so many young players doing well is great.”

The Spirit plays Canberra in Melbourne on Saturday. 


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