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Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 01-Aug-2014

THE landscape of cycling is constantly changing across Bendigo and our wider region.

There is no doubt there is an increasing community spirit of more people on more bikes more often.

We can see quite clearly the demographic of cycling is expanding rapidly.  

There are no boundaries when it comes to being on human powered two wheels or three.

There are different bikes for different disciplines.

There are different clothing ranges and styles outside lycra that are just as appropriate and required to get people out on the bike.

There are many stories and insights still to share that can add encouragement for others to join this community spirited change for the good of our community. 

Most in the cycling community have the experience of freedom that cycling can bring and the associated benefits of sharing quality time with family members or like-minded cyclists.

All this has been the driving force to chosen to revisit the cycling column along with the fact that hardly a week goes by when a member of the wider community  comments about the Cycling with Eddie days.

They say how much the articles have been missed.

To this end we have been able to secure the commitment of a number of keen cycling enthusiasts who are prepared to share the work load of producing an article every two weeks.

These pieces will reflect their experiences, views and that they share with other people in the changing cycling landscape.

We hope with this wider community cross-section of cycling experiences, disciplines and views that various perspectives will add useful insights and entertain  the reading public.

We mostly agree on the many foundational aspects of cycling.

Cycling helps the cardio-vascular system to remain healthy, reducing the risks of heart attack and diabetes.

It helps weight loss and aids mental health recovery.

Cycling has a generally low impact on the body (apart from accidents where the rider inadvertently makes contact with the ground aka “falls off the bike”) giving sustainable freedom of movement

Cycling releases endorphins that clear the mind and hence the reference to the peace and freedom that is widely known as the cycling bug bites people and they commit to regular exercise.

Group cycling is built on friendship, camaraderie, fellowship and the sharing of life’s journey.

More and more business networking is now being undertaken on the bike, support groups use cycling as the vehicle to keep people active and engaged. 

The coffee times are as important as the ride when it comes to being connected.

Cycling is inclusive and operates in a very informal way, yet has an etiquette that requires commitment to doing unto others as you would have them do to you. There is a high emphasis on the safety of the group which comes from individual commitment to the group ethos.

We are finding more that cycling breaks down barriers of gender and age. That it provides a place for all and all in the right place when on the bike.

We are looking forward, God willing, to what lies ahead.
         – Eddie Barkla


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