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Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 31-Aug-2017


By Margaret O’Rourke
City of Greater Bendigo Mayor

YOU might have seen the City of Greater Bendigo’s online survey about rubbish collection circulating on social media in the last week. 

This is part of a review of the city’s waste services that we are completing.

The survey will provide us with some very valuable information to improve waste management services into the future.

If you want a hard rubbish collection, think we should empty your recycle bins weekly or your rubbish bins fortnightly; this is your chance to have your say.

The survey has already had a very good response but there is still plenty of time to complete it yourself.

Anyone who would like to fill out the survey but is unable to complete it online can contact the city on 5434 6000.

Another very important topic that you can have your say on at the moment is the draft Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan. 

Councils are required to produce a health and wellbeing plan every four years. 

Like the community plan, it is an important strategic document for our community.

The plan aims to reduce the rates of diabetes, depression, anxiety and cancer experienced across the community as well addressing high rates of family violence and increasing levels of childhood vulnerability.

Council has a limited responsibility in most of these areas, but can play an important role in working with partner agencies to ensure access to critical services for our community. 

We want to create the world’s most liveable community, and enjoying good health is a very important part of liveability.

If you have an interest in making our community healthier, or just want to learn about some of the issues our community is facing, I encourage you to read the draft plan and let us know what you think.

You can find the plan on our website www.bendigo.vic.gov.au

These are just some of the opportunities that are currently available for you to have your say on the future of our community.

Council goes to great lengths to seek input and feedback on various topics throughout the year, because it’s important that the plans we create reflect the needs and priorities of our community.

Councillors are always keen to hear from you on any topic – you can email us, call us or make an appointment to come and speak to us. 

You can find our details on the City of Greater Bendigo website.

We are active members of the community and are always happy to discuss issues or decisions we have made.


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