Historic hall to be a tavern

Sharon Kemp | Bendigo Weekly | 21-Dec-2017


A $1 million redevelopment of an historic school hall and stables near the Bendigo Art Gallery will give the city and another function centre, tavern and cafe.

Plans have been submitted to the City of Greater Bendigo to redevelop the currently-vacant old school hall on MacKenzie Street, most recently the View Hill op shop, and convert the heritage stables behind the building to a courtyard bar.

A rooftop garden and kerbside cafe is also included in the plans.

A tavern is also proposed for the basement of the property, accessible from View Lane which is the former carriageway to the stables.

The Melbourne-based developer is proposing to name the sections of the business after its historic associations.

For example, the overall venue will be called MacKenzie quarters and the function centre MacKenzie Hall.

The basement tavern will be called Batty’s Bar after Ms Batterham, a teacher.

The courtyard bar will be the Old School Yard.

In dealing with the historic elements of the building, the development plan said the proposed works predominately do not involve disruption to the brick, stone and iron fencing associated with the school and stable block which are primary contributors to the significant of the site.

While some internal brickwork associated with the stable block is proposed to be removed it is considered appropriate given the outcome of the overall development.


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