How Bendigo fares

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 14-Dec-2017


AS Bendigo residents consider creating a ratepayers’ group, new data on the City of Greater Bendigo shows fewer of us than the state average visit outdoor swimming pools and reclaim our runaway pets.

Yet he costs of these services are below those of other councils. 

A state government website that compares the performance of Victoria’s councils on key measures shows the cost of services in Bendigo is below the majority of Victorian councils, often claimed by city of Greater Bendigo to be the result of reduced staff costs.

For example, the low cost of food safety service, at almost half the rate of all other councils, was attributed to fewer staff doing the same job.

In the same category, the reduction in staff meant that in the financial year 2016-17, fewer food safety assessments were carried out.

The website,, also includes comments from council about the performance, including any anomalies that may have a bearing on the result.

In Bendigo, councillors made fewer decisions (3.23 per cent) in closed meetings than the state average of 9.45 per cent.

Only just over 40 per cent of animals picked up in Bendigo were reclaimed, lower than the more than 50 per cent of all councils.

However the cost of the animal management service per registered animal was lower in the city and elsewhere.

The council’s resident population only visit an outdoor swimming pool on average 1.72 times during the year, compared to the state average of more than five times.

Again the service cost was a lot lower per visit at $6.90, almost half the average state cost of $12.03 per visit.

Costs are comparatively higher in Bendigo when it comes to kerbsite garbage bin collection at $135.03 per bin compared to the $102.30 which is the average for all councils.

Bendigo also has a great deal more debt than the state average, as a percentage of revenue it sourced itself, because of $17 million loan taken out during the year.


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