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Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 30-Jun-2016

COMEDIAN Dave Hughes says he knows the joys of growing up in country Victoria and it helps when playing to regional audiences. 

Hughesy certainly gets his easy-going humour from his Warnambool origins, and is returning to Bendigo on August 27 with his new show Sweet at the Ulumbarra Theatre. 

Being able to tailor his material to the locals is the reason why Hughesy likes performing in the regions. 

“When you’re in a town like Bendigo you can talk about local stuff, people appreciate you taking the time to find out about the town to then mock it – it’s fun,” he said.

 Most of Hughesy’s stand-up is based around his everyday life and his family, Sweet will be no different.

“I’m the father of three small children and have a wife who is not afraid to express her opinions in all areas of my life,” he said.

“I also talk about being on TV and the things that happen to me, you know the trials and tribulations of being a – I don’t know what letter celebrity you’d call me?”

When people question if Hughesy is worried about running out of material for his shows he says not really, because to him life is humorous and will always be fun.

“No matter what situation you’re in there will be humour in life, because life is ridiculous,” he said.

“You have to see the joke, it is a joke, the whole thing is ridiculous.

“No one’s got a clue what they are doing, and the people who are funniest are the ones who think they know what’s going on.” 

For most people the balancing act of family life and a career is extremely difficult and not always achievable, but for Hughesy this kind of pressure is what he likes best. He admitted that all the travelling is exhausting but at the end of the day he loves it.

 “I get more agitated when I don’t work for a few days,” he said.

“If over the week I haven’t done any stand up comedy or something then I’m like ‘oh God’.”

For Hughesy his stand-up comedy work is his favourite, and says it’s just him, the microphone the audience.

“On TV or radio you are almost working in sound bites, I do enjoy the rest of the stuff I do, but stand-up is just the purest,” he said.

 “Reasonably often people will come up to me and say I didn’t think you were that funny on TV or on radio, but when I saw your show you were hilarious.

“It’s that experience when you see someone live, if I can get people into a room I reckon I can change their mind,” he said. - Natasha MacFarlane


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