Impelled to repair

Steve Kendall | Bendigo Weekly | 26-Oct-2017


ONE of the joys of modern living is the ability to own a dishwasher.

Of course this goes hand in hand with the benefits of a clothes washer and drier, but it was my dishwasher which decided to go bung.

After setting it to run overnight I had the horror on Friday morning of seeing and error message. F11, the panel said while blinking in an array of red lights.

The wash had barely started it seemed, when it had stopped. Dishes unwashed.

Now being the clever type I looked on the internet for the fault code. F11 is a drainage problem.

After a bit of messing about in the machine I decided to unhook the drain hose and check that. I blew into it, heard bubbles, and assumed I had fixed the problem.

Plugged it in, set the machine in motion and all seemed to be well. F11. Bugger.

This time I disconnected the hose and sucked some out siphon style, yes I did get some, and all seemed to flow.

Obviously there was something grim going on. I stripped the filter and found some glass. The stem of a wine glass, in bits, to be precise.

Obviously, some of this had got into the inner innards. Back to the internet.

There was an excellent video explaining all about the impeller, and its cover which had to be removed.

I was feeling brave by this point and removed the cover, got the torch and a pair of forceps and fished around. A piece of glass was in the impeller housing and another one in the outlet.

I was so pleased.

Fitted it all back together and started up again. Now there was a grinding sound, which resembled glass in the impeller.

With the ease of practice, I stripped it down again and found more glass. Within a minute all was clear and re-assembled.

It got me thinking how often this must happen, and how often a plumber would be called out to fix what must be a common problem, and charge accordingly. Fair enough I know.

I also remembered the time I called a plumber because the door cut-off switch was faulty on the washing machine.

He arrived immediately, charged me a emergency call out and left me $175 lighter to unstick the switch in about four minutes.

And that is the main reason I got down and dirty with the dishwasher.

Even if I did get a mouthful of water from the sump, at least I managed to fix it myself, that makes the fault easier to swallow.

- Steve Kendall



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