Itching for an open day

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 14-Dec-2017


Itchy Palms Gardens in Mandurang is having an open day this weekend.

The property is owned by Paul and Judy Sens and the name Itchy Palms was derived from Judy’s love of palm trees and kurrajongs with their itchy seed pods. 

The now 2.4-hectare property was bought in 2004 as a blank canvas and the gardens were created from an empty pasture paddock containing one mature gum tree in the north-west corner.

Like all gardens this one has evolved over time and because of the harshness of the climate there have been many plant fatalities. 

Mandurang endures temperatures of over 40º in summer and less than -4º in winter. 

It is zoned temperate. The annual rainfall is low with the long term average being only 550 millimetres. 

Consequently for every one living plant they have planted three and the gardens are continually evolving.

Itchy Palms, like any garden, is a product of its surroundings and its owners. 

Paul and Judy are the designers and workers in the garden. 

Judy’s love of exotic plants, organised chaos and whimsy are evident throughout. Paul’s ability to build and create structures on demand is also apparent. 

Although they are both working full time they have managed to create peaceful surroundings and enjoy all their efforts especially in the summer months when Itchy Palms gardens is in its peak flowering period.

The gardens are at 26 Kenean Court, Mandurang South and will be open from 10am until 4pm this Saturday and Sunday.

Admission is $8 for adults and children under 16 get in free. 

There will be some plants for sale, a motor bike display and light refreshments available. Picnics are encouraged but no dogs allowed.


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