Julia delivers home truths

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 27-Sep-2013

Julia Zemiro
MULTI-TALENTED. There you go, that’s Julia Zemiro in a nutshell.
It’s good because I would not be surprised seeing her in any role.
The French-born-now-living-in-Melbourne Zemiro is on our screens now presenting a five-part series, Home Delivery.
Unusually, she takes a back seat, drawing from her subjects their story.
It’s a very different world from the sassy host of SBS’ Rockwiz, filmed at the Espy in Melbourne, but it shows the depth.
“We originally offered Rockwiz to the ABC, but they didn’t take us up on it,” Julia said.
“That’s probably a good thing though, SBS is more lenient.
“It’s going well though, season 12 has just been given the go ahead.”
Julia is an only child, but beyond that was quick to point out her private life is her private life, she did spill the beans on some school days though.
“I went to a French school in Sydney, and it had an English school too, so I ended up translating a lot at breaktimes,” she said.
“There was a bit of performance in it, I’ve been a waitress for my family too, that’s a bit of flirting and a bit of performance, much like Rockwiz.”
Julia has trod the streets of Bendigo during a tour with the Old Van company, another string to her bow, and was recently cast in Bendigo author John Charalambous’ film An Accidental Soldier.
Bendigo links aside, Julia is hoping Home Delivery has a life in it.
“We go back to people’s home ground, to find out a bit more,” she said.
“It’s very much about the subject, not me.
“Who knows how the show will develop if we get another series, perhaps more comics, perhaps not.”
The first show pulled in an audience for ABC1 of more than a million, so it’s a good start.
The premise of the show is if you really want to get to know people, the best place to start is where they started themselves.
 “It’s been a little dream of mine to interview interesting folk ... especially comics, funny people, agitators. But not in a studio,” she said.
“So I’m driving, walking and talking them through their younger years. It’s been a privilege to get up close to how they became who they are today. And they’re bloody funny.”
You won’t find the real Julia on Twitter.
“I’m not really into social media,” she said.
This Eurovision host sees no need for a constant update.
“I have had lots of success without it,” she said.
“I am not convinced, I think it’s a Furphy you have to be on it.”
So don’t go following her, she’s not there. She’s more likely to be watching Danish TV programs.
“I’m hooked,” she said.
Home Delivery continues for the next three weeks on ABC1, Wednesday at 9pm.              – Steve Kendall


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