Junior doctors start next stage of their career

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 13-Jan-2017


 Bendigo Health has welcomed 40 new junior doctors, who start their 12-month internship by going through orientation this week.

 Chief medical officer Humsha Naidoo said that it was great to see so many medical graduates opting to further their training here in Bendigo.

 “Working as a junior doctor can be very rewarding and also very demanding. The internship provides new doctors with an opportunity to further develop their skills in a supported environment,” Dr Naidoo said.

 “It is an exciting time with the new Bendigo Hospital opening later this month. This world class hospital is a fantastic facility for our new junior doctors to undertake their training.

 “Bendigo Health offers a comprehensive intern program in the areas of general medicine, general surgery, emergency, renal, oncology, orthopaedics, cardiology, psychiatry, general practice, rehabilitation, geriatric medicine and urology.”

 This year the majority of the interns are Monash and Melbourne University graduates and several have graduated from other medical schools.

 Many of the interns have undertaken clinical rotations in Bendigo during their training.

 Monash University works closely with local practitioners and Bendigo Health to train medical students in their last three clinical years.

 Of last year’s interns, soon to be hospital medical officers, or HMOs, the majority will continue working in Bendigo.

“This is good news for Bendigo Health and residents in the Loddon Mallee region. Interns who are training with us are also choosing to continue to live and work here in Bendigo and throughout the Loddon Mallee region,” Dr Naidoo said.


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