Kitty Flanagan- taking life seriously?

Christine McGinn | Bendigo Weekly | 29-May-2015

Kitty Flanagan.
KITTY Flanagan is hitting the road for her third national tour with Bendigo set to experience her self-confessed “best show yet”.

Packed with plenty of laughs, stupid voices and hard laughs, Kitty says the SERIOUSLY?! tour is sure to please regional fans.

“I think it’s important to tour the regions so you don’t disappear up your own ‘fundament’. If you constantly play to cliquey, city crowds you run the risk of becoming ‘mildly amusing and whimsical’ rather than just plain funny,” she says.

“Regional touring keeps you sharp and in touch with a much wider audience. We always stop in Bendigo because you’ve got good food, good wine and great venues.”

Kitty will take to the stage at the Ulumbarra Theatre on June 5 at 7pm as part of her seven-month national tour.

Kitty’s show is fittingly about gravediggers and cops, and she admits she is “perversely fascinated by gravediggers”.

Kitty says a good joke must resonate with people and her favourite feedback – aside from loud laughter – was tapping into someone’s thoughts.

With a busy schedule on SBS’s The Weekly and filming series two of Utopia, the Sydney-sider says the hardest part is being away from her dog.

 “Everything I’m doing is shot in Melbourne so I’ve been down here a lot and unfortunately Henry has to stay in Sydney, not on his own, obviously, he has a dog-minder,” Kitty says.

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