Last innings

Steve Kendall | Bendigo Weekly | 20-Dec-2017


THAT is it. I have come on board for Australia in the cricket.

It’s not a desire to be on the winning side, it’s the refusal to support an England team that just will not or can not play.

When I first migrated to Australia in 1989 there was never a question not to follow England, it just didn’t cross my mind. 

When I started at the Weekly, Radders the editor was a firm supporter of Australia and wound me up often, until England actually won the Ashes a couple of times.

But that said, I followed the team and were pleased when they won.

Strangely enough I support the Australian women’s cricket team ahead of England, so the shift had started earlier this year.

The long-suffering Mrs Kendall has come on board and was complaining about how poor their form was despite being well-paid.

Admittedly I couldn’t play any better, but this team is well-waged and it’s their job to win.

No team at that level should be losing by 10 wickets or a complete innings, it’s shameful.

Hence my lack of support for them, they are just not trying hard enough.

I went to see England play Australia for a one-dayer a few years ago at the MCG. England lost.

I really was interested to see the game, and even said to the Aussie fans with me that I didn’t care who won as long as I enjoyed the game.

I sort of meant it, but now I will care who wins the game and I won’t be barracking for England.

The three lions have failed to roar... so many times. They can just have a Christmas break now in Australia, all-expenses paid and coast through the final two games of the Ashes.

Nice work if you can get it.

To watch England’s tail-enders shirk away from the fast and short balls was shameful.

Once again I would not be too pleased to face balls hurtling towards my head at 145 kilometres and hour, but how can they not be expecting it? 

Duck and leave it, don’t waggle your bat hopefully in the general direction until you edge the ball to a fielder.

I guess I should leave the final and damming action to my cat.

I left my broad-brimmed England cricket hat on the bench after wearing it in the paddocks – the hat is good if not the team – and I returned to find it peed on.

There were four distinct pee patches. Even the cat knows just how bad the England team has been, and her aim is better.

- Steve Kendall



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