Make riding a regular event

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 28-Aug-2014

SADDLE SURE: Time is right to be back on the bike.
So it’s time to get back onto the bike and go cycling for fun and fitness.

It may have been a long time since you rode a bike but things have not really changed.

Borrow a bike, get the old bike out of the shed and encourage a neighbour, friend or family member to go with you.

It’s much more fun with a cycling mate.

Summer is on the way so you know it’s time.

Check the bike is in good working condition and if not take it into your local bike shop today, and ask them to service it for you.

Grab a pair of runners and a helmet and arrange to meet your cycling buddy at a designated time and place.

 There are plenty of sealed and non-sealed shared bike/walking paths to cycle on in our city – Crusoe and Kennington reservoirs, Lake Neangar and Weeroona, Spring Gully Creek tracks and paths from Kangaroo Flat to Epsom.

On top of that, Bendigo is surrounded by bushland with many tracks.

 Call into the Visitor information centre in Pall Mall to pick up a “where to cycle brochure”.

 One of the best places to meet your cycling mate is in the car park of the Bendigo Rowing Club at Lake Weeroona, from there you can head down the Bendigo Creek path to the botanical gardens keep going to Epsom and come back on the same track. Or you can turn off the path and head out the O’Keefe trail.

If you are keen to do some road cycling there are so many great rides and bunches you can join.

The Visitor Information Centre has maps of local road rides and a manky (map on a hanky) you can put in your back pocket to take with you on your ride.

The maps and manky have distances, show hills you can climb (or avoid) and timing guides so you can head out with the knowledge of knowing where you are going.

For further information on local rides call into one of Bendigo’s friendly bike stores.

We have some wonderful places to ride in this great city and I would love to see you out on the bike every weekend.

Make it a regular thing, fresh air, sunshine, fitness and great fun; and don’t forget to call into a local coffee shop before you head home.

It’s all part of the experience.


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