Never give up

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 05-Oct-2017


IN an ever-changing world where standing still means you’re going backwards, no one can afford to ever take anything for granted.

One of the prices Bendigo has to pay for being a city admired by many other cities is that these same other cities want to be like Bendigo, or more specifically, to have some of what we have and do so well.

Consider our art gallery’s reputation as one of the leading galleries in regional Australia, in a city that punches well above its weight on all things culture.

Our ability to lure high profile, big ticket exhibitions of international standard has not gone unnoticed, and Bendigo has inspired other regional galleries to similarly up the ante in recent years. 

While that’s a win for culture and for residents in other communities, it also means we may not stand out as much as we once did, and that we have to keep working to continually improve every single aspect of what we do as a city seeking to be regional Australia’s most liveable.

Ballarat’s current campaign for a 59-minute train service to Melbourne is another example where Bendigo can ill afford to be complacent.

That campaign enjoys strong support from the local business community and the City of Ballarat, and it’s not gone unnoticed.

Our service to Melbourne will never be as quick as Ballarat’s – that’s the price we pay for being over the Great Dividing Range and further from Melbourne, but Bendigo needs to be very wary of any advantage Ballarat might gain from improvements along its rail corridor.

Those improvements have the capacity to influence business decisions of companies looking to establish or relocate, and one city’s gain can also be another’s loss.

Bendigo also wants and needs faster trains, within the infrastructure confines that exist. 

We also want and need more trains and carriages.

It’s well known and accepted that more commuters arrive at Bendigo station each morning than leave our fair city, but once again, the commitment to continuous improvement can only be of benefit to commuters, our economy and the broader community.

There’s also healthy competition and rivalry among regional cities to lure industry and jobs, future government contracts or to replace other businesses that may have closed down or moved elsewhere.

Again, we need to be vigilant. Take nothing for granted and continue to support local companies and local jobs, while at the same time looking for any external assistance or opportunity to be better, and to do better.     


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