New spot booked

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 30-Nov-2017

Harry Hart and Mandy in the new store. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

After operating for 15 years, Dymocks is the last major bookshop in Bendigo left standing – secondhand bookshops aside.

“It’s important  that we’re still here,” Dymocks manager Harry Hart said.

“As well as the general public, we service the schools and libraries in our district; and of course we sell books on behalf of the Bendigo Writers

While surviving in the book selling business is notoriously difficult, Mr Hart believes the recent move of the shop’s premises will ensure the business’s ongoing

“Our old site (on the corner of Mitchell street and Pall Mall) lacked parking but the move to the new shop in the Bendigo Bank Plaza is perfect for us,” he said.

“The foot traffic is up by 40 per cent since we made the move.

“The bank wanted to utilise the plaza space and is more than happy to see Dymocks hosting book signings and literary events in the central plaza area.

“This really suits us as we are keen to support smaller and  mid-tier publishers who don’t have much margin to devote to publicity and

“The same goes for local authors, we like to stock and promote their books and we’re happy to talk to them about their projects.

“But I’d like to give them a tip.

“Time wise, you’re better off getting the publicity before the book is released rather than after it.” 

Given its warm and colourful presence, the plaza traders have said the bookstore is a welcome addition to the precinct.  


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