Nothing to cry about

Dianne Dempsey | Bendigo Weekly | 10-Jun-2016



A Memoir

Joan Atherton Hooper

y About, an unflinching memoir, begins with author, Joan Atherton Hooper, discovering a photo of the young man who, in 1939, murdered her father. 

Joan’s story, from age two in an orphanage, swings between fantasies of Hollywood and restraints from the Vatican. It is a test of everything she believes in.

Growing up in Colac as a ward of the state, to deserted wife in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, to mother of daughters struggling with drug, alcohol and mental health issues, Joan has an astonishing sense of humour and an iron-clad will to “rise above her station” and turn her life into a success.


Janet Doyle

Available at Readings, $24.95 

A rogue priest who has escaped from Rome, Guido seeks a new life in a magical desert town where fabulous creatures abound and mystery and fear is never far away.

Set in the Dark Ages, Castlemaine writer, Janet Doyle has created a wholly convincing fantasy world which both contrasts and complements the feel and times of the Middle Ages. 

Her main character, Guido the priest, is also intriguing. He has broken away from the church and is far from redemption. The person he loves is not God, but Rosa.

“Rosa was long gone to a short fat husband, but Guido’s love for Rosa still shimmered vaguely around the edges of what was left of his love for God, as if it were an adornment to that grace.”

While Guido has left much behind the new land of Ldjahkion offers him a whole new life.  

 For once I can safely say I agree with the blurb, “A rollicking novel of historical fantasy.”


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