Out and about in Canada

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 15-May-2015

Getting Involved: At the Calgary Stampede.
Despite more of us leading an active retirement, and travelling more, we easily adopt a sedentary stance by looking instead of experiencing.

The team at YourTrip believe that regardless of your stage of life, your lifestyle shouldn’t change just because you’re travelling. If you’re active in your local community, getting out and about and experiencing life, then you should be doing the same while travelling.

“There is much more to travel than simply being there,” YourTrip director Carl Halpin said.

“We believe the best travel experiences come from smaller destinations, where you are guided by locals from that community.

“Our mission is to connect travellers with local communities so that they can travel like a local. And we believe the best way this can happen is in a small group,”

YourTrip loves the Canadian Rockies and is running a summer program of small group tours to this destination, commencing in the 2016 northern summer.

More Australians are visiting Canada each year, with four per cent growth last year alone.

“Running tours to less frequently visited, yet equally beautiful corners of the Rockies allows visitors to get a uniquely Canadian experience,” Carl said.

For more information on a small group tours to Canada – where your lifestyle can come with you – contact YourTrip on 1300 793 787.

Visit www.yourtrip.com.au and join the information session at Bendigo Library on Hargreaves Street on Thursday, May 21.


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