Paranormal activity

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 30-Dec-2011 2.54PM

SIGHTING: The jail provides many sightings.
THERE may be one or two inmates still imprisoned at the Bendigo Jail.
Not everyone can see them, but the members of Bendigo Paranormal Tours will do their spirited best to help you see the light.
The aim is a serious one, and the jail tour tries to capture the unknown.
Twins Chris and Tony Jordon have been interested in the paranormal since a meeting one night with their long dead great grandmother.
“She was leaning over Chris’ bed,” Tony said.
That was when they were 14, and they have been interested ever since.
“Death has had a bad wrap.” Tony said.
“The tours hope to show people there is more.”
There have been three tours to date, and Tony said each one is getting better results.
People bring their own equipment, so there’s no call of tampering, but does it bring results at the jail?
“We seen lots of balls of light, orbs they are known as. Also, mists and shapes which can’t be explained,” Tony said.
“We have taken mediums with us and they point and say ‘take a photo there’ because they have sensed things.”
The tours will run until the team is told to go, with plans for expansion.
“Bendigo with its rich history is ripe for the tours,” Tony said.
“We hope to be able to go out to private homes where people report hauntings soon.
“Though we take it seriously, we see it as possible tourism drawcard for Bendigo too.”
The team is looking for other locations, after they hit a dead end with the Bendigo Cemeteries Trust who said it was not respectful.
That wasn’t the only negative response though.
“I recorded a voice telling me to leave the cemetery,” Tony said.
He didn’t mention how fast he retreated.
To find out more about the tours call Tony on 0428 526 611.


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