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Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 26-Jul-2013

Marina Prior

THIRTY years is a long time in any industry, but Marina Prior has taken it in her stride.
 She been named as one of Australia’s 100 Entertainers of the Century and is coming to Bendigo in November.
Marina has been singing since she was a child, and first picked up a guitar at nine, after singing folk and pop, and a spot of busking she attended university to study classical music and voice.
It was there she saw an ad for musical theatre and went along to a cattle call: an open audition with hundreds of hopefuls.
Marina scored the lead role, and that was the start of the story.
“It was a little bit of an adventure,” she said.
“I was completely green, having never auditioned or performed on stage before.
“But I learnt the ropes each night in front of 2000 people with no safety net.”
Early reviews were positive and Marina enjoyed the recognition.
“I read a bad one once and thought ‘I don’t like this’,” she said.
“I came to the realisation not to worry about one person’s view, I’m not performing for one person, I am performing for the audience.
Marina has found herself on the other side as a judge with It Takes Two on Channel 7.
“I was the nice judge, I was much happier being positive,” she said.
“I had the understanding of what they were going through.
“It’s funny, but I have found the more success people have had in this industry the more generous they are.”
Marina is no stranger to success of course, having played Christine in The Phantom of the Opera and more than 20 other lead roles. It’s with this backgound Marina comes to Bendigo with a repertoire of musical theatre, jazz, contemporary, and light opera.
“It’s going to be a very informal, chatty night,” Marina said.
Marina will also perform songs from her new albums, Both Sides Now which features songs from her busking days and Encore – a collection of her favourite music theatre songs.
“There will be lots of backstage stories and I’ll be singing songs from the shows, some Abba songs and some by Joni Mitchell. It will be lots of fun and varied too.”
Marina Prior plays the Capital Theatre, Bendigo on Friday, November 1. phone 5434 6100.


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