REVIEW: Interactive books

| Bendigo Weekly | 17-Jun-2011 3pm


Movie Maker: Everything You Need to Know to Create Films on Your Mobile Phone or Digital Camera!

Tim Grabham

Walker Books, $34.95

 Amazing Pop-Up Big Machines

Robert Crowther

 Walker Books, $25.95

Legendary Journeys: Trains (The Slide-Out, Lift Up, See Through Story of World-Famous Trains and Railways)

Philip Steele

Walker Books, $39.95

An exciting set of interactive texts await readers this winter and Walker Books lead the parade with imaginative paper-craft, colour and technique.These three titles will have wide appeal – challenging the young mind, and kindling nostalgia, amongst the older.
Each book carries an informative dialogue and is clearly illustrated. Topical histories are accessible, while building instructions (and materials) are provided where relevant (Movie Maker and Big Machines) - as presented, the volumes carry genuine scope for reader interaction.
Movie Maker is an all class feature – guiding the reader towards independent movie production. Empowering and learner centered, the kit is inclusive of Clapperboard Box, press-out props and sound effects CD. A notable inclusion is the Directors Handbook, featuring star techniques, hints from professional film-makers and other 'notables' from within the industry. A digital camera and or mobile phone are pre-requisites for production – so please consider this, should the item be intended for gift-giving.
Amazing, Pop-Up Big Machines encompasses 5 machines and 28 work sites – each powered to life by reader imagination. Hook up a busy farmer's tractor, maneuver a tall crane, and discover the many uses for a dumper – surprise after surprise await! All paper-craft is precisely manufactured, creating a 'real-life' stage for machines and the young reader / operator.

Legendary Journeys: Trains (The Slide-Out, Lift Up, See Through Story of World-Famous Trans and Railways) is an international history of the train and railway system. Featuring the steam locomotive through to modern, high-speed rail systems, the text is both a source of social history and interactive delight. Slide out carriages, lift and flip pages are cleverly structured – enabling the reader to travel in time as both passenger and observer. A reference for major rail inventions, and engineering feats, Legendary Journeys is in itself a legendary production.


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