REVIEW: Marmalade Duck and the Marmalade Jam

| Bendigo Weekly | 08-Jun-2011 11am


Marmaduke Duck and the Marmalade Jam

Juliette MacIver, Illustrator: Sarah Davis


Then down to the river came a cat and a rat -

and a sleepy-eyed bat, and a leapy-eyed gnat -

and a ram named Sam, and a lamb named Pam . . .

in haste for a taste of the marmalade jam.

Marmaduke Duck  is a rhythm filled adventure certain to find favour with young readers. Marmaduke's reputation for making the finest Jam, is notable indeed – just watch the eager little frog, the hog and the dog – each, all 'a quiver', down by the river - where Marmaduke swam . . . Marmaduke Duck, eating Marmalade Jam. 
A charismatic cast of characters enrich the story magic - llama-farmer Palmer, together with bird, bat and beast, chase the Duck to secure their sweet, Marmalade feast! A joyous celebration of life, literature (and Jam!), Marmaduke Duck captures the beautiful within the simple – gentle themes and exquisite colour. The qualities that child readers crave - uncomplex, embracing and happy.

J.R.Poulter commented on 29-Jun-2011 12:03 AM5 out of 5 stars
Great review for a top fun book! :)


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