Safety first

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 01-Dec-2017


THERE has been an enormous build up to this weekend’s expected weather event, and it’s one few of us should be surprised by in the event that the skies open up and we are inundated with heavy rainfall across the next few days.

We remind all central Victorians not to drive through flood waters, not to play in flood waters and to please stay out of the way of those working to protect the safety of others should an emergency situation develop in the next few days.

Many of those who are helping keep us all safe this weekend will be volunteers, and as a show of respect for the great job they do, the least that the rest of us can do is to heed their message and do the safe thing, and the right thing, this and every other weekend.

Their jobs are hard enough, and they could likely do without any unnecessary and ultimately preventable incidents occurring that cold distract them at a demanding time.

By now, all of us should have taken the time to clean up around our homes, check the gutters and if necessary clean them out, move any valuables, property and the like from any location close to home where flooding could become a concern.

Checking in on neighbours is also a good thing to do, particularly if your neighbour is on their own, is elderly or is someone who you know could often do with a hand. 

The dire weather predictions that have continued to hone in on our region since about Monday are eerily similar to the events of late 2010, and while our region was spared the worst riverine flooding in 2010, nature’s full fury was realised not long afterwards when record floods enveloped many towns close to the various rivers and creeks that criss-cross our region and caused millions of dollars worth of damage and an equal amount of heartbreak.

In the interests of community safety, we remind all readers that during a flood crisis, the Victorian State Emergency Service is the lead agency for the emergency, and that the SES has developed localised flood guides and maps, which provide advice and information on how you can prepare. 


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