Spanning the gap

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 17-Nov-2017

Bob Cameron and BES's Bill Lucas.

LOCAL engineering prowess has built the 65-metre-long footbridge across Arnold Street that will be one of the most prominent features of the Bendigo hospital when it is installed next Friday.

Bendigo Engineering Services and other city-based firms have worked on the bridge at BES’s Kangaroo Flat workshop.

It will take a full day and the lifting of power lines along the route on the Calder Highway to transport the bridge to Arnold Street.

Bendigo Health chairman Bob Cameron said there would be traffic disruption for a further five days while the bridge was positioned and the cladding was attached but the effort would be worth it.

The bridge will stretch between the car park under construction on the old hospital site and level two of the newly-built hospital across the road.

Once complete, emergency helicopters will be able to land atop the car park and the top level of the bridge will be reserved for patients to the emergency department.

“The helipad is going to make a great difference,” Mr Cameron said.

“When you look at that golden hour of getting people to treatment as quick as possible.

“We are expecting there to be more closures before Christmas, that is going to cause some inconvenience but the contribution that it is going to make to Bendigo is going to be enormous.”


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