Stone Sour

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 07-Nov-2012 NUHTAYA JOHNSON


Stone Sour have released four studio albums to date. Their latest effort House of Gold & Bones – Part 1 was released in October and Part 2 is set to be released early 2013.

Former Skid Row bassist Rachel Bolan was recruited after Shawn Economaki’s departure.

The first two songs from the album Gone Sovereign and Absolute Zero were streamed online months before the release of the album, building anticipation and exciting Stone Sour fans.

If the two songs were anything to go by then the album would not be a letdown.

Far from it in fact. The album features 10 other songs of brilliant craftsmanship. Corey Taylor is a great storyteller and vocalist.

Taciturn is the song that creates a pausing and reflecting moment. Admitting help is needed.

The previous songs had been telling the story of a battle within.

Taciturn is a turning point. A realisation. It’s intimate and sets up the end of the album but not the end of the story as Part 2 is yet to be revealed.

Honesty is a common thread, while the dark and brooding guitars combined with strings in some songs adds to the vulnerability of the album.

The album succeeds in being honest while still using the aggression and grunt that are true and distinctive to the Stone Sour sound.


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