Surrender to the music

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 22-May-2015

Dewayne Everettsmith
RISING Aboriginal singer and songwriter Dewayne Everettsmith is headed to Bendigo tomorrow.

Having grown up listening to American artists Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles, Everettsmith says being Aboriginal doesn’t really influence his music.

“Being Aboriginal is something I was born with but it doesn’t really influence the outcomes to my songwriting. You couldn’t really compare my songwriting to a songwriter like Archie Roach, who’s a great activist,” he says.

Playing tracks from his latest album, Surrender, Everettsmith will be on stage at the Capital Theatre at 8pm.

Everettsmith says he wrote most of his songs while dealing with difficult things in his life, leaving the tracks with a real honesty.

“I think it’s got more to do with my life experiences and what I’ve been through,” he says.

“My mum was a speed addict so the early years of my life were very full on. And then being adopted and having to deal with my adoptive family and then going to live with my adopted grandparents, who were my greatest supporters … I think it’s life experience that gives me my voice.

“It’s not necessarily technique or awareness of what I’m doing. The same with songwriting: I was never trained, I just write songs. It just comes out from me however it comes out and it happens however it happens.”

To catch a glimpse of Everettsmith, visit for last minute tickets.


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