The Quircus comes to town

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 14-Jul-2014

ART WORKS: Dale Harris and Leah Hartley.

The Quircus is a collaborative project of Bendigo designers Leah Hartley and Dale Harris, showcasing their latest limited edition prints.   

This exhibition is both an entity through which the duo can explore their love of illustration, as well as a vibrant, fantastical land in which to escape.  

With humour and often an absurd twist, the works of The Quircus explore the grandeur and demise of the golden age of circus culture.  

Come and escape to The Quircus at Bob Boutique & Gallery, Shamrock Hotel Building, 17 Williamson Street, Bendigo  Open from 11am Monday to

Saturday (some Sundays through winter).  Enquiries: Phone 5444 3522 or go to


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