The two-person family

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 05-Oct-2017


By Grace Evans

A sudden revelation is what led Bendigo’s Kathy Waddington to self publish her first book, Parent and Child.

After months of collating ideas and having an introduction written, Ms Waddington found herself beginning the start of her very own single parenting guide. 

Parent and Child offers advice to single parents on a range of topics like family dynamics, discipline and managing stress. 

“I was desperate for literature on single parenting when I began and it helped me to decide on starting the book,” Ms Waddington said. 

“It’s a guide book and it was written to empower parents and to help them build strength and courage to be the best parent they can be.”

Sharing her parenting experience was important after spending her young parenting years predominately alone, Ms Waddington now lives in Melbourne with her 15-year-old son. 

Ms Waddington admits she is still learning things as a parent and there really is no such thing as a “perfect parent” which she advocates throughout her novel. 

“Having something there to refer to during different stages of the child’s life is so important,” Ms Waddington said.

Having understood that all parenting styles and situations are different Ms Waddington values the opportunity to be able to express her opinion to a wider audience.

“I’ve tried to write it in a way that is my opinion and that you as a parent can take what you want from it,” she said. 

Gathering her ideas from her own experiences and the advice of others, Ms Waddington found throughout the writing of the novel she liked to reassure her readers that remaining positive is key to a healthy parenting lifestyle.

“You just need to trust your intuition and take on other peoples advice but then alter it to best suit your own parenting style,” Ms Waddington said.

“I had ideas in my mind that I had always wanted to write about it was just about putting them all together.

The book is geared towards single parents of either gender, but she believes all parents would find the book helpful.

After already receiving positive feedback from readers on the book, Ms Waddington is hoping to start her next book in the near future.


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