The value of every moment

Vanessa Hughes | Bendigo Weekly | 07-Feb-2014

Inside Trader
by Ronald “Trader” Faulkner.
Published February 2014
RRP $35

When a friend suggested to Ronald “Trader” Faulkner that he write an autobiography his reaction was: “What would be the point? Who would be interested in an ageing actor from the past?” Despite his doubts, Inside Trader is an entertaining and humorous account of a life full of scandal, romance, disappointment and struggle.
“Perverse from the moment of conception”, Trader was the son of silent-film actor John Faulkner and ballerina Sheila Whytock.
He grew up in Sydney, a tearaway who earned his nickname at the age of seven by smuggling his father’s bootleg whiskey into school and trading it for marbles.   
Friend and mentor Peter Finch set him on the path of becoming an actor, and at 22 he moved to London to pursue a “glorious theatrical career”.  
While never as triumphant as planned, he became an established actor whose career led him in all sorts of unexpected directions.  He starred opposite Laurence Olivier, inherited a fur-lined jockstrap from Richard Burton, and met Picasso on a beach in the south of France.  He also wrote Peter Finch’s biography, was proficient at flamenco and was decorated by the King of Spain.
Irreverent, sometimes risqué and full of self-deprecating humour, this is an autobiography by someone with “an acute awareness of the value of every living moment”, and whose delight and appreciation of all the highs and lows of life is evident on every page.  


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