Trouble, by George

Joel Peterson | Bendigo Weekly | 03-Aug-2017


THE Peterson household is an interesting environment at the best of times. 

But recently, a new form of fun has been introduced to the mix – a puppy. 

Specifically, George the Labrador. As this column is frequented by the Kendall canines, it’s only fair that my new addition is introduced to the world this way.  

Like a rite of passage for the pets of the Weekly newsroom. George is, as most labradors are, constantly either sleeping, eating or biting things. 

There is not really any in between, no period of simple down time, it’s all go. And as most puppies do he prays on the cuteness factor to get away with things. 

The dog is digesting your socks? That’s okay, he looks funny while he’s doing it. He’s licking the dirty dishwasher, or got his head stuck in the bin? That’s adorable. 

So if a puppy is a big adjustment for the people who live at said madhouse, imagine if it were a completely foreign environment with strange people you barely know. 

That’s where Mika the German exchange student comes in. He is staying with us before we ship my brother off to Deutschland later this year. 

He summed up the first part of the adjustment best: more people work at the Bendigo Bank building than live in his entire village of Heudorf. 

He also doesn’t even have a dog, let alone a puppy that rules the roost.  

As you may expect it was a rocky start for this unlikely pairing, especially with George’s penchant for socks. 

The rest of the family has invested in a pair of slippers to stop having munched up toes. 

You can bring plenty of things on an overseas holiday, but I don't imagine bringing slippers to avoid having your toes devoured would have been high on the list. 

After days of his phalanges being turned into puppy snacks, the investment was made for Mika to get some slippers. Disappointingly – and I might add I had no say in this – there were no moccasins purchased. 

A golden opportunity to experience some great Aussie culture gone begging.  

Thankfully, no ugg boots were bought either. That’s a part of Australian culture none of us need. 

Since we detached George from his foot, Mika has picked Aussie culture up pretty well.

He’s grasping AFL, been to the local footy, coming to terms with some of the slang and even the local food.  

Although Vegemite won’t be getting a run for breakfast when he heads back to Germany. 

He’s even been subjected to a family dinner, though that’s a barely understandable affair even if you speak fluent English. 

One thing’s for sure though. When he goes home I don’t think he’ll be asking his parents for a puppy.  

– Joel Peterson 

twitter: @joelbpeterson 


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