Twice as nice

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 02-Nov-2017


Mother of five-week-old twins Katrina Dawborn laughed and said sleep is vastly overrated anyway.

Katrina estimates that’s she’s getting about two to three hours sleep a night and when she can, an afternoon nap.

“On the whole I felt quite relieved, William and James are good babies, not as hard as I thought. I’m feeling fairly relaxed and happy,” she said.

Katrina’s husband Rurik said when he first heard they were expecting twins he was shocked, whereas Katrina erred on the side of sheer excitement.

She said one of the most beneficial things the couple did in preparation for the twins was attend the Expectant Parents Night run by the Bendigo Multiple Birth Association.

“I’m so glad we did it,” Katrina said. “They have an obstetrician in attendance and other health professionals.

“We could ask questions and found out about the benefits of going to things like the regular playgroup sessions, and family activities.”

While parents of multiple births don’t get local council support, through the membership of the MBA they receive discounted formula and free nappies.

Katrina said the organisation is very inclusive. 

“It’s good to be able to ask questions and to get honest, realistic answers,” she said.

While people on the outside often talk about how demanding having twins can be, Katrina said one of the most helpful aspects of belonging to the MBA was that it helped to normalise their situation. 

The next Expectant Parents Night will be at the Holy Trinity Church community hall from 7pm on Thursday, November 9. For details ring Alice on 0475 191 955.


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