Water activities for wise students

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 19-Oct-2017


LOCAL school students learned about the importance of being water wise this week at a series of National Water Week

From health benefits to the creatures that live in water, all manners of subjects were covered by a range of organisations who know full well the importance of water.

North Central Catchment Management Authority, Coliban Water and council hosted a session at White Hills Botanical Gardens on Tuesday, each teaching students a different set of water skills.

“Being able to show young people the value of water to them, their culture, their community and their environment is invaluable,” NCCMA regional waterwatch’s Cass Davis said.  

“It’s important young people have an understanding of where their water comes from, how it’s managed and why it’s so important to so many people.”

“With the four organisations coming together, when the children go back to their schools, their homes and their communities they are going back armed with knowledge and a lot of passion.”


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