Woo Hoo Revue in the park

Bendigo Weekly | Bendigo Weekly | 11-Jan-2013

The Woo Hoo Revue


YO Bendigo

Wind, hail, rain or in this case, extreme radiant heat could not have stopped the city of Bendigo from flocking to Rosalind Park to enjoy the Balkan/Gypsy/Swing/Brass extravaganza of Woo Hoo Revue.

The crowd arrived in droves, equipped with picnic baskets, rugs, pets, family and friends to savour the unique opportunity of live music in the park. The plush green lawns and shady trees created the ideal setting with temperatures still pushing the mercury to 40 degrees at 9pm.

The first act on stage was Rowan Blackmore; a Celtic/French folk duo performing a mix of reggae and percussion compositions. The audience was treated to some extraordinary talent as the dynamic duo showcased their musical depth; playing a variety of instruments including the accordion, toy piano, charango, glockenspiel, tambourine and drums. In regards to the heat, the percussionist said, ‘I’d rather the heat than the cold’. They were a terrific opening act; engaging the audience and setting the scene of melodic celebration.

The headline act followed; the fantastic ‘The Woo Hoo Revue’. The six-piece band instantly drew the crowd’s attention by their eclectic choice of attire. This was a certain sign of the fun the audience were about to be immersed in. From their explosive first beat, ‘til their very last note, The Woo Hoo Revue exuberated energy and knew how to entertain; interacting with the crowd, groovin’ it out on stage and playing their up-tempo songs. It was not long before the crowd was lured to the dance floor by their infectious music. The combination of the electric guitar, violin, drums, trumpet, bass guitar and saxophone, blended melodiously and enriched the Park with a lively vibe!

What more could you wish for on a hot balmy night than free entertainment on the luxurious lawns of Rosalind Park?


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