Woolly time of year

Steve Kendall | Bendigo Weekly | 10-Aug-2017


IT is a woolly time of year.

I have my reasons for this statement. One, I am spending hours looking after lambing ewes, and their offspring.

It’s been cold and wet and the ewes have been choosing the coldest and wettest times to give birth.

Seems to be over now, but as usual there are a few orphans to contend with.

Two, it’s the Bendigo Writers Festival this weekend, and my overwhelming image of the event is the woolly-clad audiences who pack the sessions.

I know it’s winter, which would explain most of it, but Bendigo is a splash of woolly colours and scarves and hats of many a hue.

It makes me pleased I am producing some lovely merino wool at home to contribute to the clothing of the festivalgoers.

No doubt there will be some tasty lamb dishes consumed over the weekend, but I prefer to dwell on the woolly side.

I notice those pesky Bendigo Yarn Bombers have been at it again, defacing one of the talking trams. I suppose this weekend will be tarnished by their activities. 

Last year lamp posts and council benches were covered in strange bits of wool and I ranted.

Following on from my comments I was presented with a woolly beanie, anonymously, from the ladies (I guess) who mess up our city.

The long suffering Mrs Kendall quite liked it and suggested the Yarn Bombers could make her one in donkey brown.

Guess what? The Bombers came up trumps again, and the greedy Mrs K now has a donkey brown hat with bling.

I know I should not encourage them, but they do know how to take a joke.

Guess they have to, given their hobby.

Anyway Yarn Bombers, if you are not too busy spoiling the look of Bendigo with your yarn bombing, come up and say hello at the Bendigo Writers Festival.

I would say I could spot you all by your hand knit garments, but everyone seems to wear them at the festival. As I have said, it’s that type of event.

But seriously, thanks for the beanies, Mrs K has been wearing them on the cold mornings with the lambs.

Talking of gifts, I must thank Dorothy from Huntly.

She read my recent traumas with a jam jar and brought in a handy tool made in Denmark.

They must have a big problem there, as it’s beautifully made and purpose built for the job.

No more stuck lids, and it’s all thanks to Dorothy.

If you are out and about at the festival come and mingle. I am speaking to Tony Jones on Sunday, and I will be wearing a black woolly, merino of course.

– Steve Kendall


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