Macklin Wellard, John Tatti, Hayley Weston, Louise Wellard and Charlie Weston.

Everyone loves a brass band and out Eaglehawk way it’s the Eaglehawk Citizens‘ Brass Band that leads the parades and lifts the spirits.

One of the many recipients of the Eaglehawk UFS Dispensary’s community grants, the band was in particular need for help with storage and security for their more cumbersome instruments.

It’s not easy, particularly if you’re young, to lug your tuba, or timpani drums back and forwards to practice.

A member of the Eaglehawk Citizen’s Brass Band for 30 years, Louise Wellard said the band was proud to be part of the Eaglehawk community and praised the support they receive from businesses such as Eaglehawk UFS.

Of the 25 members of the band the youngest is nine and the oldest is 93.

“It is a fabulous environment,” Mrs Wellard said. “It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, everyone is on an equal footing.

“And it is a great place to learn a musical instrument.”

Mrs Wellard said it was also a great place to find a partner, she and her husband Ken Wellard first fell in love while they were in the band.

“Our four children also play in the band,” Mrs Wellard said.

“And we’re not the only couple who have met each other through the band over the years.”

Mrs Wellard said the band particularly enjoyed playing at occasions such as the Dahlia and Arts Festival, Australia Day, Anzac Day and the Canterbury Carols.

Eaglehawk UFS Dispensary general manager Karen Timms said they were providing funding of almost $33,000 for this financial year to a variety of community organisations.