IN what amounts to one of the first promises ahead of this year’s state election, member for Northern Victoria Luke O’Sullivan says a coalition state government would review the roll out of wire barriers similar to those being installed on the Calder Freeway.

It comes as the Bendigo-based MP says that the roll out of wire barriers along the Calder Freeway is an example of the government not taking a common-sense approach to planning.

Mr O’Sullivan says he supports properly placed and installed barriers, but says the placement of those on the Calder Freeway limiting emergency access.

“Labor has been in government for 14 of the last 18 years and has ignored regional roads which have become dangerous and are putting lives at risk,” he said.

Last month, roads minister Luke Donnellan said the Victorian government was spending more than $1
billion on regional roads.

He said the barriers have been proven to reduce run-off-road and head-on crashes by as much as 85 per cent.

A recent parliamentary enquiry has been looking into VicRoads’ management of regional roads and whether the company should be broken into separate metropolitan and regional authorities.

In a clear positioning ahead of the November state election, Mr O’Sullivan says a coalition government would suspend the rollout of the barriers and consult with the likes of the CFA and VicRoads.

He said some of the specific concerns raised with him include compromising motorcycle safety if a rider connects with the barrier, vegetation growth underneath the barriers causing fire risk and access for emergency services.

Delays are currently in place along the Calder as the barriers are installed.