The council is looking at sites for a solar park.

THE City of Greater Bendigo is about to begin looking for a site that could accommodate a solar park supplying electricity for the city, clawing back more than $150 million a year that is spent on power in the municipal region.
The council has issued a request to quote for the study that will also include options around ownership, how the park could be financed and governed.
In the wake of a higher than average uptake in Bendigo of solar power, the council wants to seize on the momentum to propel the city to purely renewable energy sources by 2036.
A solar park is one strategy, and the council is also investigating the feasibility of storing energy in the city’s groundwater network system, creating a micro-energy network for View Street and Barnard Street precinct which uses a lot of power, investigating waste to energy prospects and installing solar systems on all council and community facilities.
A large-scale solar park will take advantage of the abundant sunlight the region enjoys.
The park will ideally be near, and able to connect to, local electricity networks.
Already, 16 per cent of homes in Bendigo have installed solar photovoltaic systems and within the adjacent postcode 3551, 25 per cent of homes have a solar system which puts the region ahead of the state and national average for the uptake of solar power.